Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We could drink Mensa stupid.

For those who know me, I am a trivia nut. Heck one of my favorite television shows of all time is Jeopardy. Sadly I may like trivia but it doesn’t mean I am good at it. Back in high school, a group of three girl friends and I were on a Quiz Bowl team. Basically it is Jeopardy between two teams. At the end of the season, they would tally up who had the most individual points and they would be the official school Quiz Bowl team. Sadly I never made the official team (or even the “B” team of alternates). Looking back I was bummed that I never was smart enough to make the team, but now I realize what a bigger dork I would had been. Thank you small brain…you steered me away from being a social retard.

Okay we are spending Farrell’s final NYC days doing stuff where he calls the shots. He has the highest IQ of all the people I know (well of all the people who I know their IQ scores). Anyway, he is a trivia nut as well, so we headed down to a NYU/Village bar hosting a Tuesday night trivia contest. I figured a team of Farrell, Bree, and myself would fair well since we all have our areas of expertise (Farrell sports and history, Bree religion and pop culture, Me literature and mathematics). Plus we are not dummies (okay I don’t want that to sound conceited but hey we all graduated college….some taking longer than others). Anyway, we had no idea how serious people would take it. We showed up and grabbed a few beers and a table. Well the other teams filtering in all looked academic (i.e. like they have never touched a women before) and brain-tastic. The waitress told us they usually have a team from Mensa stop in. Some of the teams were eight people strong (as opposed to our three) and we were totally unprepared for the pending slaughter. The first round we scored 9th out of 14 teams. The second round we slipped to 11th (we beat a team that left after the first round…yeah…win by forefeit). To get an idea of the caliber of questions they asked: “What is the post Napoleonic French restoration period called?” “How many rooms are in the White House?” “Name the former Yankee who gave the commencement address at Iona College this year?” “Name three of the seven 2004 countries inducted into NATO.” What!!!! My only contribution…knowing the World Bank headquarters is in DC. Whoo-hoo! One thing we did win was a free round of drinks since we were the first team to finish their first two rounds of beers. Yep…stick with your strengths.


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