Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why else would they hold it in Queens

Day two of the Memorial Day weekend…which should be dubbed Lindsay explores New York City weekend. I hopped on the 7 train and headed out east….way east deep into Queens. I exited at the second to last stop. I had previously been intrigued by the area when I ventured out to the Mets game. The area was called the Flushing Meadows Queen’s park, but I will call it the World’s Fair Park. Basically it was a huge green park where the World’s Fair was held in the 1930’s and again in the 1960’s. You may have seen it from the first Men in Black movie (you know with the space ships and Tommy Lee Jones saying why else would they hold it in Queens). Among the dozens of soccer and baseball fields were remits of the glamour of the Worlds Fair. The Tennis US Open Stadium and the Queens Art Museum are also along the grounds of the park. I paid a $1 visit to the Queens Art Museum. My review….it is basically a shrine to the park district with photos of their various parks, pools, and roads. The only worthwhile part was a huge scale model of NYC (all five boroughs). From that exhibit, I learned that 2/3 of the people who live in Queens were not born in the USA. Interesting…I guess that is why the call Queens one of the most ethically diverse areas. Anyway, the art museum was totally devoid of art and I don’t think I would pay the dollar again unless I really needed to use the restroom. Overall the park (and weather) was gorgeous and sunny. I couldn’t help stroll around the gardens while eating an ice cream cone.

On my way back into the city, I decided to stop by the UN building and Peace Garden. Granted it is only about a mile from my apartment, but I can never seem to find an excuse to venture to the other side of the island. Sadly being a Sunday, there was no protestors or excitement. Anyway, here are pics from in front of the building, etc.

On my way home across town, I played the part of a tourist and snapped a pic of the Waldorf Astoria hotel. Ahh how the other half lives.

I finished off the sight-seeing day with a bike ride along the West side river front bike path. Wow was it gorgeous. Okay I have used gorgeous probably fifty times, but it was perfect weather and just so relaxing to spend the day without an agenda. Anyway, the bike path made me miss Chicago (again, the mere smell of the water makes me want to dive in and start swimming around…I think I am destined to live in the Caribbean some day). Riding on the quiet bike path made you think you were no longer in the city full of noise and deadlines. All along the path were parks and restaurants that looked like hidden gems. Once I got to the tip of the island (and would have to venture into the Bronx), I turned around for a ride back. It was only then when I could tell the progression of neighborhoods from Harlem, to Columbia University, to Upper West side, to Midtown by basically counting the number of people looking like they make their homes along the riverfront (i.e. transients). Well at least it was scenic enough.


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