Friday, December 29, 2006

Answer to the question: What would my little pony's Mom wear?

With the drama surrounding my Thursday night, I figured Friday would be a nice low-key day in Chicago….wrong! I checked into the work office, ate a slice of deep dish pizza (gosh I miss Chicago), and them met my friend Ryan out for a Target run. He needed to get gifts for his young cousins, and I like to hang out in the toy department cause that is where you can meet little boys…..creepy just kidding. Anyway we picked out some choice toys before I found the ultimate kiddie treat…..a unicorn fairy costume! Come on, you can dress up as a unicorn AND a fairy. I had to get it for myself (note after taking it out of the box, the wings and headband/horn fit, the belt is better suited for my thigh, I can forget about ever fitting into those gloves/hoves). The thing even had an electronic speaker that played a horse galloping and neighing! Hurrah!

That evening, the boys, Gwendolyn & her man, and I met out at “Pint” in Wicker Park. The jute box alone is worth the recommendation. We found a choice spot at the window that let us watch many drunk Santa Clauses walk by (one was on stilts and another even had a little drummer boy). The bar was having an ugly holiday sweater party in the back. Hilarious! I wish I had pictures because they were exactly what my mom used to wear (wait still wears). There were mock turtle necks with holly, sequined snowman, noel to the max, etc. What an awesome party idea! Words cannot describe the absurdness and humor. Another highlight involved a trip to the restroom. As I was washing my hands, a girl on her cell phone next to me all of the sudden whipped around and shushed the other girls. She then went back to her cell conversation. The girls in line just looked and me, and I gave the shrug to indicate “I’m not with this bitch”. One girl shouted from the stall, “did I just get shushed? I’m peeing for love of god”! She then stormed out of the stall only to find the shusher had left. The drunk surly stall girl then went off about how she would kick that girls ass for shushing her. Later, I was sitting at my table when I recognized the stall girl sitting next to us. She recognized me as well and then went off telling my friends exactly how she would throw down on that other girl. Hot chick fight….nope but we could all dream. Later we watched a girl fall up the stairs and blamed it on Big Mike or Ryan (details fuzzy by that time).


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