Sunday, May 22, 2011

Now make me a sandwich!

It has been a significant drought my writing and posting. Call it my winter funk. I haven’t been exercising my mind…or body. I joke about my Tyrannosaurus Rex build. Nice solid legs with tiny insignificant arms.
Well I was walking a construction site carrying a roll of drawings of approximately 3lbs in weight. I cradled them in my left arm so I could write on them with my right. After about an hour, my bicep started to seize up. I had to run over to a sawhorse and drop the drawings. The funny sight was seeing a couple of burly construction workers carrying cast iron pipe (weighing in at ten pounds a foot) no sweat while I was massaging my arm whimpering “owie owie owie”. Well the drawings were on the heavy side of 3lbs.
Maybe you could blame the muscle fatigue on old age. My 32nd birthday came and went, and I am rolling my eyes more and more at young’ins. A friend Bob-o just had a 30th birthday at a Lincoln Park bar. It was fun to get all dressed up to hit the scene, but I should have known better venturing into college territory. When did everyone start dressing like cast offs from Jersey Shore? Seriously, I thought slutty back in my college days was a bare shoulder or maybe a visible bra strap. Now the girls are wearing strapless skin-tight short dresses with the same amount of material used in an ace bandage. Okay, now I really sound like the cranky old men from the Muppet show. I’ll just get back to my wheel of fortune marathon.


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