Saturday, January 08, 2011

Armchair chef

I have two favorite types of TV shows, the cooking channel and world series of poker. Seriously, it is just short of an obsession. If I am flipping through the channels and see Rachel Ray or Daniel Negreanu, I stop and watch. Of course I know I am quite bad actually participating in those activities, so I don’t understand what draws my interest in. In real life, playing poker would be real hard without knowing everyone’s cards and the little box with the odds. I have dabbled in cooking and succeeded in burning myself countless times and once setting bacon on fire (and then flinging it out the window). Well I saw a recipe for a yummy apple crisp that looked too simple to mess up (wrong!!!). The ingredients were only flour, brown sugar, and apples. Too bad I didn’t have flour, so instead of going to the store I decided to forage around the cupboard for a substitute. I found pancake batter mix and I figured it was essentially flour (the number one ingredient was flour…so that should work out right). Well the result was brown apple mush. Surprisingly it didn’t taste all that bad. Now how can I make roasted cauliflower not smell like feet?


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