Thursday, March 24, 2011

Questionable Motives

A few recent lighter moment occurances that I had to share.
I got a smart phone which is way too advanced for my limited technology knowledge. Yeah I don't even have an mp3 player and I am told my phone does that too (I just don't know how yet). Well the autocorrect fail struck me. I was on my Dominican Republic vacation but caught an email in the aiport layover. I composed an email back indicating if they wanted to get started on the project while I am out, he could "just get the dwgs off my desk and hand them to a drafter". The "dwgs" stand for drawings which is a pretty standard abbreviation in my industry. Well autocorrect switched dwgs with fags! Yeah, FAGS! I almost sent a work email saying "just get the fags off my desk..."

In another instance, it was the google auto finish. All it took was "how do you get..." and funny enough, three of the phrases on the screen were STD related. Nice. Sadly I WAS typing "how do you get pinkeye". This was immediately following a Jersey Shore episode. Them nasty.

Lastly, I ordered some new running shoes online. Well the package came in the nondiscript black package which is usually reserved for the "adult" variety packages. Hmm, maybe it is a new partnering...running shoes and crochless panties?


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