Monday, January 31, 2011

Neighborhood Stroll

I am going through some pictures from the last six months, and it is a daunting task. Man have I been behind on my stories. Granted I did drag my feet on getting the Mediterranean vacation fully documents (and I still have all of South America to write). Anyway, here are some randoms.
About six blocks north of me is an area known as “little Saigon”. Every large city has a Chinatown or little Italy. Chicago is known to be extremely diverse but extremely segregated. Okay that sounds horrible, but I mean every nationality has a little niche in the city. Seriously…Ukrainian village, Korean town, the Pakistani place, etc. The little Saigon area has a beautiful decorative arch and rows of dead ducks in the windows. It also has a bevy of restaurants…and nail salons. Ah ha ha ha. Anyway, here is a sign that does little to deter the stereotype.

Not far from that neighborhood, there is a house on Berwyn that is the most particular (and creepy) I’ve ever seen. It seriously looks like something off a movie set or in a children’s scary novel. The place has several stone busts on pedestals, wrought iron gates and railings, columns made from statues! The pictures don’t do it justice. I imagine it is how Tim Burton’s house looks. The great thing is that the tenant is looking for a roommate. Now in all the “seeking roommate” signs I have seen over the years, this one is by far the most detailed and specific. I half wanted to call just so I could walk through the place and see the chandelier and antiques (10 to 1 there is a suit of armor in there). Criminals beware.


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