Sunday, February 06, 2011

Arty enough for you?

Jewed Law and I decided to get cultured and visit the Museum of Contemporary Art. We were looking forward to seeing something totally out there like a ten minute video of a woman sucking her toe or a giant penis picture made out of yard and unsharpened pencils. I will be the first to admit…I don’t get contemporary art.

Someone paints a canvas blue or only eats skittles for three months and they call it art. On our visit, we saw a doll under a mattress with a woman’s angry face projected onto it (yelling shaming words…but then again it is not our fault she is stuck underneath the mattress). The highlight was an exhibition hall dedicated to hands on pieces. We were allowed to touch, take, or climb on all of the exhibits. A house made out of landfill garbage and recycled rubber was fun, but again I don’t get it. One “artist” was on hand to create a living piece where he climbed up and down a collection of ladders. My personal favorite was the random clam half shells that I sat inside.

A picture of Jewed Law. Yes, Kramer apparently is art. OH and the hat is actually part of an exhibit that we were able to take with us.

One room was filled with sketches from a comic book/cartoon artist. These made me chuckle...
Strange sandwich choice

The tag line is awesome and so descriptive of the next generation...because outdoors is bullshit

We made an informal wager on how many exhibits were named “untitled” because that is what the genus/troubled artist names their piece when “metallic pair of boobs” just won’t do. The grand total…eight! Not bad for one museum.


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