Sunday, May 22, 2011

I heart Kyle...and Jon Bon

I’m sitting back recovering from a night at Mayfest (the first street festival of the summer), and my ears are still ringing. To some, it was the end of the world. To my friends and I, it was a night well spent with 90’s hip hop and 80’s hair metal. Yep, the cover bands “Two White Crew” and “Hairbangers Ball” performed last night. TWC has fly girls and a rapping drummer. Hairbangers…well they were Hairbangers (and they rocked).
We were denied Warrior requests, but the ample beer made the world right again. That and the balloon we messed with (every years needs a party balloon).

I still don't understand certain parenting skills. This is the second year in a row I have seen a child at Hairbangers...without ear protection and well beyond bedtime.

Oh and you know it was a good night when the monkey hat comes out.

I’m using my recovery to watch the Bulls play on TV. I scored two tickets from the boss during the regular season. They were row five and $140 apiece. Dang! They were also right by the team tunnel, so you could lean over and slap hands with the players when they left and returned from halftime. Ever since that game, I have been infatuated with Kyle Korver (aka hot sauce…for some reason). He is a crack three point shot, 6’-7”, skinny, from Iowa, and a total babe. Don’t worry, Jewed Law has given me a free pass in the chance I ever meet and woo Kyle. We call it even when he lands a Love-a-bull dancer. Those girls are so top heavy, the fashion industry is in danger of a sequin shortage.

Post Script: when I was uploading these photos to facebook, the program has this face recognizer thingy that prompts you to tag your friends. Well I found it funny they wanted me to tag Jensen's t-shirt.


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