Monday, February 08, 2010

Pictures of children to liven the mood (sorry no puppies)

I flew home to Nebraska over the Christmas holidays (yeah I know, I’m behind on my posts). I have a huge extended family, so I have at least three Christmases to attend. This means I am usually home for a week or more. I usually run out of things to do by the second day (and I am totally including the good 2 hours plus I spend roaming the aisles of Walmart). The good thing is that I get to spend time visiting high school friends and their families. First was Jacque and her son August. He was the most curious little boy and behaved beautifully in the restaurant.

Then there was Tina and her daughter Leah. Leah is hands down brilliant. I compared to her my beloved niece (who is two weeks older) and she totally kicks Ava’s ass. She can talk…not baby talk but full on annunciated word(s). I am completely smitten, plus how can you not adore those curls.

Lastly were Shannon and her girls Liliana & Isabel. Shannon took me to her gym which happens to be the most amazing gym on the planet. It had rock walls, a huge equipment selection, a spa like locker room, and in-house child care. This gym would totally motivate me to be buff because there was SO MUCH to do there. Her girls are right around the pre-school 1st grade ages, and their personalities are very much developed. Liliana is a momma’s girl, totally obedient, considerate & observant. Isabel is the wild child who is always looking for fun and/or mischief (I bet she turns into the creative sort actor of the family). They drew me pictures/portraits for my gift. Love Isabel's with the green boogers and all (she had a cold).


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