Sunday, January 03, 2010

Fashion is forever

Before Christmas, I attended an ugly holiday sweater party. Sorry, no pictures (I got a little intoxicated). I pulled out my trusty sweater that is beyond horrible. It has shoulder pads, sequins, and plays music. There is a giant snowman on the front and it says “HO HO HO” where the “O”s are the circles of the snowman. I know, it is the shit. Sadly it used to be my mother’s (and I remember her proudly wearing it around in the late 80’s early 90’s). Now not everyone is fortunate to have a mother with such awesome fashion sense, so a friend and I went to Ragstock to pick him up a sweater. I guess ugly holiday sweater parties are really taking off because the place probably had over a thousand delightfully awful sweaters. There were traditional sweaters, screen printed sweatshirts (with collars), cardigans, vests, and ties.

At the party, there was no shortage of awesome sweaters. There was even a guy in a Santa suit. My favorite sweater though was a prime example of 80’s Cosby-era sweater. What truly made it special were the additions the guy made to it. He pinned on pictures to the sweater to make it even uglier. The pictures included: Rocky Dennis (from that 80’s movie the Mask with Cher), a 70’s style woman’s crotch area, a toilet full of poop (yes, POOP), and Sandra Oh. What I find funny (or extremely cruel) is that he equated Sandra Oh’s looks to poop. Ouch.


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