Monday, December 28, 2009

Thanks for the memories

Sorry for being quiet the last week or so. I went back home to Nebraska to celebrate the Holidays. Yeah ten LONG days in Nebraska. Did you know there is zero wi-fi in the entire state! Okay, not really, I did score some internet at Panera bread. I spent most of my time at my parents home that is across the street from a pasture and devoid of internet connections. We were snowed in for several days so I spent a lot of time watching movies and going through old photos. Believe me, the snow days and finding ways to entertain myself is a whole other blog post. Before I get into that saga, I figured I would share some awesome photos of me and my sisters when we were kids (I'm the middle child if you can't pick me out...although I look exactly the same now...somewhat). I have a slew of pictures that I may distribute in short bursts in order to prolong the embarassment.
Ah, the mullet picture. Okay it was totally cool to have a mullet in the late 1980's...especially if all of your family has one.

Here is a better shot of my little sister's mullet. Awesome with a capital NASCAR.

My little sister was deathly afraid of Santa. I saw a half dozen pictures where she is giving Santa the look, but this is the only one where she is being physically restrained.

Spring of 1987. Who says global warming is a new thing.

I LOVE this picture of the three of us. It is so awful. My mom told me it was a package deal thing through Sears where they took three shots and you got a 5x7 of each regardless of how the shot turned out. Truely a gem.

I don't know why I decided to smirk around the age of 4. I many of the pictures around this age I am doing this silly little half smile. I can only guess is that is when I fell and broke off my two front teeth (which were permanent...and therefore never grew next time you see me, check out my two front teeth because they are totally fake but look fantastic...thank you Dr. Patel).


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