Sunday, January 10, 2010

Starting New Years on the right foot

I am getting restless and have decided to take up another form of exercise since my knee has limited my triathlon endeavors. A coworker actually inspired me. He was signing up for yoga at our mutual gym and I thought “hey yoga, that sounds interesting…it sure worked for Madonna”. I went to my first class (not my first yoga class, but my first one at our gym) on New Year’s Eve. We didn’t do any crazy moves, but I did find out that I had been doing all the moves wrong. Her slight corrections made me shake and feel pulling from areas I didn’t know I had. At one point, she took an exercise ball and sat on me. She was all “breathe in the relaxation and breathe out the pressure”. I couldn’t argue with her since she totally was collapsing my lungs.
The New Years Eve evening was celebrated at a bowling alley. Okay that sounds dull, but it is one of the old school places where people (not machines) set the pins for you. If you put a tip in the ball and roll it down the gutter, the man will knock down all the pins. The place is in the southport neighborhood which is the hip late 20’s early 30’s area in town. OE and I met up with his friends for a NYE drink package bar party. His friend Susie had a cast on her arm from a previous mishap. At the beginning of the night, she warned us all that we couldn’t write on it because she had to wear it to work before it was scheduled to be removed. Of course as the night progress and the booze flowed freely, a sharpie magically appeared. Later I saw her sporting several penises on her cast (one even peeing on her elbow). Wha waaaan. Everyone was hilarious and I was told in detail about the most unfortunate date ever.
In the morning, I could hardly move and was sore all over. At first I was like worst hangover EVER! After I realized my head didn’t ache and that I couldn’t move my arms above my shoulders, I knew it was the yoga and not the booze. It was so bad that getting out of bed actually involved rolling and falling.


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