Sunday, January 10, 2010


I am at a lost as to where to begin. I guess introductions would be the best place to start. I’m going to call him Overly Enthusiastic (or OE) for short. He got this nickname due to a million little things that I am going to keep just for me, but mostly because he seems so excited to date me. At first I was like “why is he so thrilled to be on a date with me…I mean a Victoria’s Secret model would warrant this level of enthusiasm, but hey it is just me. I’ve never felt more adored.
We met at a Halloween party (I’m telling you, that Vicki the Robot Small Wonder costume was a total hit). He wore a fake beard and carried a baby. The funny thing is that he said it was easier to find a baby doll than a good fake beard in boystown (the gay neighborhood in Chicago for those of you out of town).
His friend scored us lower box seats at a Bulls game. Yeah, big pimping. Surprisingly in all the years I’ve lived in Chicago, not once have I ever gone to a Bulls game. Well these amazing seats were one hell of a way to start. Sure the Bulls lost but during the half time show, a Chinese woman threw bowls on to her head while balancing on a unicycle (now that was a show). I loved the inflatable bull blimp that buzzed around during time outs.
On a different date, I took him to run errands with me on Michigan Ave. Actually I had to pick something up at the American Girl’s Store. Essentially it is the Mecca for little girls. I wanted to pick up a swim suit and a “pretty” dress for the daughters of my friend. Now this store is full of thousands of “pretty” dresses, so it wasn’t easy picking out the best of the best (or frilly). We stood around each display debating the pros and cons of each little pink party dress. “Well this one has hearts on it…well this one has a tulle underskirt…well this one has sparkles”. You get the idea. At one point we were separated and he immediately ran back over to join me with the comment “I can’t walk around without you…I end up looking like some creepy pedophile”. Ah ha ha.
There have been plenty of adventures that put a smirk on my face when I think of them. I look forward to writing more about OE in my posts.


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