Monday, December 21, 2009

Zoo know who

Every year the Lincoln Park Zoo hosts the "zoo lights" event. Well actually it was the "oo ghts" event since a strand of lights in the sign shorted out. Anyway, they deck the zoo out in thousands of lights that I am sure keep the animals up way past their bedtimes. They dedicate a whole lawn to musical lights that flash to the beat of some terrible holiday tune. I admit, I hated the songs but the light show was mesmorizing. In addition to viewing the lights, you could visit the animals too (although it felt creepy stalker like watching them sleep in their precious). The most exciting thing was in the ape house. Apparently they were introducing a new male gorilla to an exhibit that already had three females and a HUGE silverback. They put up sheets to block our view, but after hearing the screams and commotion, everyone soon found holes to peek through. Man was that violent. The silverback would toss the new male across the pen and then run over and sit on him while he screamed bloody mary. Eventually they quieted down when the male hid himself in the uppermost corner away from the pack.


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