Saturday, November 07, 2009

Mile high entertainment

I am beginning to write up my travels abroad, but everything starts with a plane ride right. Here are some excerpts from my favorite in-flight entertainment magazine.
Your Passenger Seat Office. Hmmm, how do we make driving more hazardous? Nothing like filing your faxes on the highway. I love how they put a disclaimer at the end "not for use while driving".
I bet some guy was walking around and thought "I like my calculator watch, however it just doesn't scream dorky enough." Enter the square root watch. My friends know I have a difficult time reading...well time. This is just another smack to the head. Yeah why don't you try to tell time AND do math.
As a female, I don't know why we always try to accentuate unnatural things with our body. First it was the excessive forhead back in Elizabeth I. Then the tiny waist with corsets. Big boobs, waif bodies, big lips, etc. The latest is junk in the trunk. Now I am not blessed with a booty, I like to think of it as my know wide and flat. Help has arrived with the insert butt pads. I am a bit worried though if they suddenly slipped out while moving and dance you ass off (insert groan here).


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