Monday, November 02, 2009

Not that kind of movie

Okay I was not kidding when I said strange stuff happens to me. A few Saturdays ago I stopped by a house party after an Oktoberfest street festival. Okay, it wasn't so much as a house party as it was just a bunch of friends sitting around chilling. I had recently returned from my fabulous Mediterranean vacation, and I didn't understand why they kept asking if I happended to run into any international playboys. Confused, they finally confessed to me that they watched a movie before I showed up. Not just any movie, but a movie called Donkey Punch. Yeah, I too immeadiately thought, "wait that isn't a movie...that is a porn". Anyway, the friend of a friend was the director/producer of the flick and had an advance copy for our viewing pleasure. Warning, spoiler alert: The movie was about three girls (whores) who party with four guys on some yacht in the Mediterranean. They have this big orgy (yeah, totally didn't see that coming, just kidding) and a guy kills a girl via...donkey punch. They then decide it would be better to just throw her body overboard instead of going to the police. Well the mental anguish pushes everyone to the breaking point and they all end up murdering each other. I personally liked the 'death by flare gun'.

Okay I feel bad for the director/producer guy because we all totally ripped into the movie during the viewing (while he was sitting right there). I do admit, the plot was pretty good for something I expected to just take place in a motel room with really bad background music. The funny thing is that he admitted the actress they killed off first had the worst acting. Ha.

Fastforward one week. A date asked me how my weekend was, and I confessed that I watched the movie 'Donkey Punch'. Without a beat, the guy said "oh how was Netflix recommended it to me". Of course I thought "what does this guy normally watch...ah I see here you like girls gone wild 6, 7 & 8 as well as showgirls, therefore I recommend Donkey Punch".


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