Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Lollapalooza 2009 - Lindsay's take, part 1

I love live music. That is my indulgence. Thank God it is a lot better than buying expensive shoes. Anyway, here are my thoughts from this years Lollapalooza. Oh and that was at the beginning of August (I wasn't kidding when I said I have a backlog of stories). I have to break this down into three separate posts because it is so freaking long.
The first day, it was rainy, so I didn’t whip out my camera to document the awesome bands I saw. Frankly, all it would show is a bunch of umbrellas huddled together.
My set list included:
White Lies – great alternative rock band. I only caught the last half of their set but I have definitely put them on my “to watch” list.
Bon Iver – I made the mistake of saying the band name like Bon (pause) Iver instead of the French word it is supposed to be (boniver). Anyway, I have been a fan of them ever since mid last year when one of their songs (Flume) was featured on the monthly Paste sampler CD. That magazine subscription is by far the best investment ever! Anyway, they are described as quiet with understated softness. Basically that means I had to listen real hard to hear their rhythmic folk music over the obnoxious chatter of the crowd.
Ben Folds – Need I say more. That guy rocks the shit out of a piano. Plus he played bitches and hos (or whatever that gansta song is…hilarious).
Fleet Foxes – folk music with plenty of harmony and a taste of the 70’s. It was hyped a lot…but I give it a B-.
The Decemberists – I was really looking forward to this quirky folk/rock band, and boy did they not disappoint. Again I have Paste to thank for making me fall in love with The Rake’s Song (so random). At one point they pulled out an accordion. I heard they were really into role play…too bad it was World of Warcraft Role Models movie type instead of say naughty school girls and boys.
Peter Bjorn and John – unique, strange, and downright weird at times (hey they are European). However they did play that one really chipper whistling song everyone seems to know, Young Folks.
Of Montreal – psychedelic which isn’t really my thing. The lead singer is a transvestite though which intrigued me. Still I give the music a C-, boo.
Depeche Mode – okay yeah I have gotten a lot of flack for picking Depeche Mode over Kings of Leon. I know, KOL rock…they are super hot and catchy right now…I get it! I picked DM only because of the Beastie Boys. Seriously, one of the BB got cancer and it made me think “whoa, DM is not getting any younger, I should hurry up and see them before they die or something”. Plus it is a rare day when DM plays in concert and KOL has been to Chicago like 5 times in the last 2 years. They played mostly greatest hits and closed with Personal Jesus. Their graphics were awesome, but they didn’t play the entire time slot and left me a bit unfulfilled. I heard KOL rocked (of course). Go ahead, tell me “I told you so”.

Depeche Mode Pictures


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