Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lollapalooza 2009 - Lindsay's take, part 3

SUNDAY – hot and sunny again. During the 2:30pm show, the temperature hit 100.
Ra Ra Riot – I only caught the last three songs of their set (damn CTA) and I wished I could have heard more. High energy, a catchy beat, and a strings section…the recipe for heaven. I have since downloaded their work and could not be happier.
Bat for Lashes – this band (or I should say it’s front woman) is super hot in London right now. The band has a sound that I can only describe as part meditation, part dog whistle. Actually it was soft spoken, soothing, soulful, and intriguing, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Her voice did get really fucking high though (I bet she shatters glass as a party trick). She was dancing around in a rainbow sequined leotard, purple tights, and face paint. What is she…an ice-skater? She did pull out a wind box, some chimes, and a piano duet that (although extremely odd) worked.
The Airborne Toxic Event – they are riding a huge wave of publicity since the music video for their mega hit Sometime Around Midnight hit top five on the countdown (maybe higher). Yeah, they beat out Beyonce (take that Kayne). I got up close, within maybe ten rows of the stage, and although the temperature of the day peaked during their show and I was packed in with a hoard of people, I still had a blast. The fiddle girl jumped into the crowd while the band pounded their instruments soaked in sweat. The combination of rock and indie heart is one of the best I have ever heard.
Paul Green’s School of Rock – yep, you guessed it, a band composed of kids playing rock and roll. I would say they were the biggest surprise of the festival. I checked them out on a whim. They opened up with Michael Jackson’s Beat It. A 14 year old laid into the guitar riff like a pro. During the mid song guitar solo, a 10 year old came out and challenged the other 10 year old singer, and they reenacted the knife fight scene (so cute). Next they did Hot for the Teacher. The opening drum and guitar solo were so awesome that people started gravitating in to check it out from the promenade. Later two members of the Cream joined the kids on stage and sang White Room. The legends kept shaking their heads and giving each other the awe struck “whoa, can you believe these kids can’t even drive yet” look. I regrettably had to leave half way through their set but I can say their crowd easily multiplied ten-fold.
Vampire Weekend – I think a critic described their sound as “impossibly uplifting”, and it truly was. I couldn’t help smiling and tapping my thigh to the beat (I actually had the urge to start skipping, but restrained myself). They are peppy, catchy, and bubblegum without sounding like a bunch of New England douche-bags (I mean, come on, who sings about Cape Cod). I think they have two albums out and even teased themselves when requesting the audience sing along (it is okay if you are not familiar with our vast catalog of music).
Cold War Kids – I feel the heat and massive amounts of good music saturated me, so by the time Cold War Kids played, I was on my way down. I didn’t give them my full attention and bailed after the second song because I just didn’t feel like enduring the heat for electronic techno rock. Eh.
Snoop Dogg – I was sooooo glad I grabbed some shade and recharged my batteries for Snoop. He surprised me by playing a lot from Doggy Style and some Chronic duos. Doggy Style has a place in my heart since my first high school boyfriend used to play it nonstop in the car when he wanted to kiss me. Yeah, such a romantic. Did I mention he only had four fingers on one hand. Yeah, I sure pick the winners. Anyway, back to Snoop. I found myself singing along and dancing all gangsta style (well as gansta as a white girl from Nebraska can get). I couldn’t help myself. He swaggered around the stage with some pimped out microphone (slash shield guessing from the size of it). While he was singing about Cop Killa, a group of eight black Cops made their way through the crowd (amongst some very awkward looks).
Silversun Pickups – Guitar Hero fans know their song Lazy Eye (such an awesome guitar start). Too bad I had to wait the entire set to hear it. I do admit they have an amazing indie rock sound that makes me love them as musicians…just not singers. Yeah something about the guy’s voice makes me want to shout out “turn down the monitor”.
The Killers – Maybe The Killers made a deal with the devil because I swear right before they came on, the temperature dropped fifteen degrees and a cool breeze swept in from the lake to our relief (the whole day was like 90 and sunny). They stroked the crowd little by little, like some little game of foreplay, until climaxing at the end by playing their four greatest hits to close with. The crowd was on their feet (obviously since you couldn’t see the stage sitting) and I found myself excited as a teenager.

Although I felt The Killers put on a great show, I hear there was mad drama over at the North stages. Evidently the legend Lou Reed went long. Okay that is an understatement. Apparently he was 15 minutes past his end time and decided to start another song. Band Of Horses politely waited on the adjacent stage for him to finish and that made them start way late. They were about half way through their set (everyone was given an hour except the closers) when Jane’s Addiction was scheduled to start. Perry screamed out “lets drown these fuckers out” and began to play over them. Now there is a riff between those bands. I feel bad for Band of Horses, they got the shaft.


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