Sunday, November 01, 2009

New Chapter

It has been a little over a month now, so it is about time I introduce Slim Jim. Now that isn’t his name, but it suits him well since he is well over 6’-6” and weighs in at probably 120lbs. What can I say, I like them tall and skinny. Hands down, we have had some of the most creative dates. Tango dancing lessons, Oktoberfest at an authentic rowdy German bar, dinner at the Art Institute, a trip to a Haunted House, and the list goes on. Actually the haunted house was my idea since I adore Halloween. I felt bad for him because I think they targeted him. They were good at startling us by hiding in dark corners or dropping down from the ceiling. They got me good about five feet from the entrance, but the remainder of time was spent going after him. Against my will, I found it hilarious, so you would hear his startled shriek followed immediately by my giggle.
I figured it was time to cook him dinner although my cooking track record is poor at best. I have been known to set a thing or two on fire. This night was no exception. Here is a quick summary of my night of follies. I started off burning the toast for the bruschetta (like charcoal burnt). I had him help since I was running late, and I think my frazzled behavior made him nervous because he snapped my salad tongs in half. I forgot about the chicken in the oven and subsequently turned it into rubber. I then broke my cheese grater. The sauce turned out really well (thank you Rachel Ray) and my one contribution was adding bacon to the pasta (because everything tastes better with bacon). While we were eating, we heard a thunderous noise over by the kitchen (great now what). Turns out it was my closet. I had too many clothes hanging on the rod and the screws pulled out from the drywall. It looked like my closet had projectile vomited out clothes. He laughed it off and patted me on the back as to silently say “it’s okay, you tried”. Did I mention this all occurred while my heat was out, so we ate dinner in sweaters.


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