Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Like mother...

My Mom and Aunt visited me in Chicago. My Aunt has never been to Chicago before, so I was asked to take her on a tour of the town. It has been a while since I last did any sightseeing, so I welcomed the opportunity. We started at my favorite museum, the museum of science and industry. We then hit up Millennium Park with the famous ‘bean’. Since it was a relatively nice day outside, we strolled over to Navy Pier. If you add up all the walking, we probably got close to 8 miles in.

My Aunt is from a small town in Missouri. Granted she did visit me in NYC once (and even climbed into the back of a van to buy an imposter Prada purse). Anyway, it was funny watching her reactions to the various bums, emo hipsters, and heavily pierced people. We took refuge in the Gap (how plain toast is that). The two of them immediately headed over to the baby section since there are grandchildren to spoil. I checked the women’s section and found nothing of interest (or more actually, nothing on sale). On my way over to the baby section, I passed by the cutest dress ever! I scanned the area and it was littered with “75% off” and “take an additional 30% off the reduced sale price” signs. Was this Iowa (get the field of dreams reference…heaven = Iowa, anyway)? Actually it was the maternity section! I am NOT PREGNANT, but that didn’t stop me from cashing in on the great deals. I found a totally hip long wool cardigan, cute cropped jacket, and a delicious wrap dress. Yeah, the only way you can tell it is maternity clothing is by looking at the tag (which is stamped “MATERNITY” in giant bold purple letters). The wrap dress has extra material that I can just wrap half-way around my body to make it fit. Not only did I score all of these clothes for less than $20 total (yes even with 10% Chicago tax) but I was also the skinniest girl in the entire section!!! Okay, maybe that had something to do with me NOT being pregnant.

Here are some pictures from the Sears Tower observation deck. In the 6 years or so I have lived in Chicago, I had never been to the top of Sears Tower. Go figure. My mom is the one in glasses (or the one who I resemble exactly).


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