Thursday, April 09, 2009

Disney skews everything

A few weeks back, I attended a reception for the Prince and Princess of Denmark. The invitation was all fancy and the return address was literally the royal crest of Denmark monarchy. I was super excited and had mad thoughts in my head like “will I have to curtsey…can I look them in the eye…do I have to start every sentence with ‘your majesty’”. I brought along my friend Kris who is half Danish.

I had this magical picture in my head of how the reception would be. I can attribute that to the whole “the prince and me” movie…which is totally awesome and in my DVD collection. Well the actual reception was far from what I imagined. We managed to get an arm’s length away from the Prince and Princess when they walked in (only because we were standing in front of their “thrones” and had to be asked to move). I did relish in all the secret service and security men standing around. They had those tiny ear pieces with a squiggle wire, and they kept scanning the faces in the crowd like everyone was a potential assassin. Sooooo cool! I now want to have a secret service lover with one of those ear pieces. Oh and did I mention everyone was tall, thin, and blonde! It took two days for my hormones to cool off.

Here are the pictures I snapped. Yeah they are lame because by the time I realized I had a camera, I was already far back in the crowd. Should have taken the picture when I was point blank in front of the Prince, but then again security probably would have tackled me thinking it was a gun or something. Mmmnnn, tackle.


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