Monday, April 20, 2009

The BALL-game

Traditionally, people visit with family on Easter. I went to the White Sox game instead. Okay, I’m not heartless, my family just realizes spending $200 to fly down and see them for an already busy weekend is not worth it. My friend Guido had an extra ticket for the baseball game and asked me to go because frankly everyone else was doing family stuff.

Although it was April, the weather still felt like January. It was a windy 35 degrees outside and we of course were stuck in the shade. We were seated along the first base foul line, waaay back near the pole. I watched horrified as foul balls were line drive hit into the unsuspecting crowds. Frankly, getting beamed in the face by a ball traveling 70mph would hurt. I said to Guido that if a foul ball came our direction, I would be outta there is a second. He reassured me by saying that in the three or so years he has had these season tickets, he has never seen a ball hit in this direction.

White Sox outfielder Dewayne Wise stepped up to the plate and took a giant swing at the pitch. He hit a high fly ball headed STRAIGHT FOR US! True to my word, I quickly bolted out of my seat to a safe place about 10 feet away. The ball was coming directly towards my now vacated seat. A guy seated directly in front of my seat reached up with his glove through the building crowd. The ball bounced out of his glove and rolled over to my feet. It took me a second to realize what happened before I reached down and scooped up the loose ball. The crowd immediately around me started to laugh because I has purposely ran AWAY from the ball. I guess I was destined to have the ball (I mean it was aiming directly for my seat).

The best part is that my friends DVR/TiVo’d the game and you can actually see me in my bright red coat run away and then start jumping up and down.


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