Thursday, March 05, 2009

Must be cold up there...

I warn you, this post is R-rated for nudity…not mine of course because I’m such a prudie. My college friend Justin (aka Danger Kitty) was in town over Valentine’s Day weekend. We met up with other K-State friends that Saturday to watch the annual KSU-KU basketball showdown. While there we decided to hang out on Valentine’s Day since the couple he was staying with had “romantic” plans that night and he needed to avoid the apartment. Since we didn’t have any plans set, he wore dressy-casual attire. Funny how he interpreted it. He unzipped his jacket to reveal a t-shirt with a naked full frontal Sarah Palin drawing. Yeah, not kidding. She stands there in the nude with her trademark glasses and poof hair style posing with a rifle (with a moose in the background, ha!). I try to remain neutral by avoiding mixing politics into the blog, but come on…this is hilarious (like her or not)! I guess some bar owner in Chicago is an armature artist (and stanch Democrat), and he decided to sell his creation on the internet in the form of t-shirts, posters, pillowcases, etc. Needless to say, Justin is (and always has been) a riot.

Okay, pictures of the shirt are below. Make sure to herd children AWAY FROM THE SCREEN. DO NOT OPEN THIS UP AT WORK because you will look like a liberal pervert!

Keep scrolling…..


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