Tuesday, February 03, 2009

We're still talking about TV's right...

Life lesson #124: Never take a man electronics shopping with you.
I have an old television set. Okay not old, really really old, like about 15 years (or more) old. Granted it is color and has a remote control, but that is about as luxurious as it gets. It has an antenna plug (the rabbit ears I lost some time back in college) and only a coax cable input. Yep, when I got a DVD player, I couldn’t plug in the yellow, red, and white plug thingies. Obviously, my TV is not digital and I not willing to spend $10 plus tax on a digital converter box to resurrect this relic.

I scanned the consumer reports and picked out a few top rated models/brands to compare prices on. I found a 42” LCD from Panasonic on super sale advertised at Best Buy. I called to confirm the store and reserved their remaining model. When I arrived, I was escorted around by an employee with the most severe snaggle tooth I have ever seen! Seriously, I couldn’t help stare at his front teeth and wonder how many times he slices open his lip a day. Distracting! Anyway, he checked the computers and walked the store before returning to me with a manager in tow. I knew this couldn’t be good news. He explained that the computer said they had one left and he (and a few other employees) saw the box right over there a day or two ago…so I guess the TV walked out on its own. I was disappointed and told them that I had a car for today only and that I will just head over to another store so I could go home with a TV…TODAY! I think they were embarrassed or dying to sell something because they went into full deal mode. They offered me the next model up (a 46”) with all these features (that I will never use) for just 1/3 the price difference. Honestly, I thought a 42” TV was HUGE for my tiny apartment, so the 46” would practically be an entire wall of TV. I turned to Marathon Man and asked if it was too big. After a brief pause he said “it can never be TOO BIG”! Ha!

Post script: I did end up getting the too big 46” TV. Now when I watch people on TV, they are life size.


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