Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spoiled pumpkins

If you look into my playlist, there is a wide range of music choices. Anything from classical scores to indie punk. Although my taste varies greatly, I tend to always find myself drifting towards 90’s alternative. Yeah, it brings back high school memories where at one point I found myself wearing a thermal shirt under a flannel shirt with another flannel shirt tied around my waist.

On December 8th, I was treated to a rare concert from the Smashing Pumpkins. Well, it was called Smashing Pumpkins but really it was just Billy Corgan and four other non-original people. Okay I heard about Billy being odd, but I had no idea. He wore a black shredded skirt the entire concert…wait not the entire concert..he came out in a big white dress with a giant headdress that would make drag queens proud.

The first half of the show was all late 90’s alternative rock with songs the crowd knew, loved, and sang along to. The second half was spent showcasing their “new music/sound”. Sadly, their new sound is psychedelic music. You could tell how disappointed the crowd was because five minutes into it, everyone took their seats and remained there the rest of the show.


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