Thursday, January 15, 2009

Taking the plunge

This weather in Chicago this past week has really chapped my hide...litterally. Today's high temp I believe is -2 degrees. Yep, the high temp is BELOW ZERO! The forcasters say we will get back inot positive numbers on Friday when the high temp is predicted to be 5 deg. Pardon me if I don't jump for joy.

I have modified my wardrobe accordingly. Currently I am wearing:
1 - insulated wool ski hat (with ear flaps)
1 - 180 deg ear warmers (under the hat of course)
1 - pair of skiing issue down mittens that extend up to my elbow
1 - neck warmer fleece tube thingy
1- hand crocheted scarf over neck fleece thingy (the scarf is hideous and yes I did crochet it myself back when I had idle time and was all crafty)
1 - industrial ski jacket with shell and bad ass warm liner
1- ichy wool sweater
1 - thermal long sleeve shirt (I thought about wearing a turtle neck but then realized I was lame enough to pull it off)
1 - pair of thermal pantyhose tights
1 - pair of fleece running tights
1 - pair of jeans (that are bulging from all the under garments and is giving me sausage legs)
1 - pair of the largest underwear I could find (the more material means the more coverage right)
1 - pair of knee high wool socks
1 - pair of dry fit socks
1 - pair of std white athletic socks
1- pair of industrial snow boots.

I basically waddle to and from the train station and huddle in bitter cold agony while waiting on the elevated outdoor platform (damn you CTA). This morning, my breath turned to ice crystals on my scarf.

The newscaster this morning did science tricks out in the weather to show how freacking cold it is outside (the air temp when I woke up this morning was -17 with temps in the burbs near -27...that is WITHOUT WIND CHILL which drops the temps another 20 or so degrees). Anyway, he took a cup full of boiling water and threw it in the air. The water froze instantly and created a fine ice crystal/powder in the air. He then blowed bubbles which also froze in mid-air and shattered like glass balls when they hit the ground.

In other news, I am flying to New York tomorrow. I fly back about every other weekend to booty call my ho's there. My airport of choice is LaGuardia since it is only a $2 city bus ride back into Manhattan. Well, this afternoon, a plane decided to go swimming and plunged into the Hudson River. From what I have read, it took off from LaGuardia (great), hit a flock of birds and then had to emergency land in the freezing river. First of all - scary! Second - what the hell is a flock of birds doing in New York in January? Shouldn't they have flown to Florida or something already? Maybe they decided to stay because they wore 3 pairs of socks and giant underwear too.


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