Monday, June 16, 2008

Looking back

I wonder if everyone's life had a soundtrack, what would it be. I have a feeling mine would be loaded with 90's dance rock. You know, C&C Music Factory, Snap!, and Young MC. I've recently downloaded a bunch of CD's on to my computer. As I was flipping through my vast collection, I came across all the CD's I purchased in High School. Yeah, Jock Rock volumes 1-6. I guess that was the precursor to "NOW music" compilation CD's. I used to sample them in my dance routines. Yeah, laugh all you want, but I will be rocking out to 'Jump everybody jump!' all week.

Now that I have brought up high school, here is a quiz I came across that tests to see if I have already forgotten how mean I used to be.

So think back to those days when you were in high school and answer as best as you can you old geezers:

What years did you attend high school:
mid/late 90’s

What job did you have:
I started off at McDonalds with Shannon and Tina, then moved on to the Paper Factory in the outlet mall. I still am amazed people actually bought that shit.

Do you remember what your pay rate for your first job was:
Probably minimum wage but I had perks like a free snazzy McDonalds uniform that consisted of high-waist, tapered poly blend slacks and a baseball cap (that I still have).

What car did you drive:
2-door Geo metro. I don’t know the year, but it was probably the year they decided it was the worst car ever made!

Did you go to the prom:
Junior and Senior year….stag. I was all arms and legs then. Come to think of it, I am still, but in a better way.

Did you play sports:
Volleyball, Basketball, & Track. Our team was soooo bad that in my Senior year, the volleyball team won one game (against a JV team none-the-less) and the basketball team was shut out all season. Ah ha ha.

What was your favorite sport to play:
I don’t know if you can call it playing, I really sucked, so the question should be phrased “what was the sport that you were least embarrassed to play”

Were you a cheerleader:
hell to the no, I was a dancer, and our main purpose was to dance during halftime, bitch about each other, and comment on how lame the cheerleaders were.

What clubs were you in:
Well one club I always wanted to be in but never was a part of was ‘Quiz Bowl Team’. I tried so hard each year to out dork myself, and yet I never made the team. I was so jealous at the time. Now I thank my lucky stars for not being smart enough to make the team and therefore commit social suicide.

First thing you did when you got to school:
I went to dance team practice. Yeah, my day was pretty packed with dance team 6:00am-7:30am, class from 7:45am-4:30pm, and some sport practice from 4:30pm-7:00pm. I wonder why I didn’t turn to drugs to get through the day.

3 Favorite classes:
Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, and Art. I did mention that I was a total dork and went stag to my prom….twice, right.

What were your favorite pair of shoes:
That is the stupidest question ever. Although silk shirts, Eastland leather slippers, and Birkenstocks (with socks) were all the rage in school.

Did you work on the yearbook:
No, and that would explain why I don’t show up often in there. Then again my close friends were on the yearbook staff and they used to tell me all sorts of dumb things Amanda (my nemesis) used to say/do.

What was your average grade:
Straight A’s. I shared the valedictorian title with six other people. The average GPA for the grade as a whole was something like 2.1. If you have seven people with 4.0, then there needs to be a shit load of people to drag that average down to a ‘C’. Oh, yeah, that was my entire class!

Were you popular, in the middle or were you a total loser:
Yeah, I was pretty popular I guess. I was just really nice to people’s faces and active in everything that counted.

Any high school trips:
I went to Washington DC as an 8th grader and made Melanie something cry. I’m sorry. She got all gothic in high school. I wonder if I pushed her over the edge?

4 best friends:
Shannon, Tina, Jacque, and Jessica G. (because you know there were a shit load of Jessica’s and Jenny’s)

Favorite cafeteria food:
Errrr, I brown bagged every day with almost the exact same meal….peanut butter sandwich, chips, and fruit roll-up.

Get in any fights:
Of course not, I weighted 95 pounds, but I did see some really great ones in the lunch room (we had a lot of white trash girls with men issues, boy would the press on nails fly)

Were you homecoming king or queen:

Nope, nice girls finish last in high school, but first in life. Seriously, most (not all) of the Homecoming/Prom court are now overweight, jobless and have several bastard children and/or divorces. Wow, that was harsh, but the truth hurts.

Any bullies:
None that I think of, but then again I was probably a bully and didn’t realize it.

School colors:
Kelly Green, Gold, & White, or what I like to call the ugliest color combination EVER!

Anyone famous you went to school with:
None that I know of, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about classmates on the 10 o’clock news.


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