Monday, May 19, 2008

Its a bird, a plane.....oh wait, it IS a bird.

So the most unusual thing happened to me on Saturday. I was riding my bike in central park with several other bikers. They close the streets to traffic, to bicyclists basically can take over the entire road. Up ahead, there was a group of pigeons foraging off to the side of the road. As our pack neared, the pigeons took flight, and instead of flying away from the approaching bicyclists, they turned directly into us. I was seriously ducking and dodging birds when one flew directly into my front wheel! There was an immediate burst of feathers while I frantically swerved to the side of the road. Luckily I did not crash into any other cyclists but after a few revolutions being lodged in my spokes, the bird dropped dead on the road. Everyone put on the breaks while I checked my bike for damage. Someone even asked “are you okay….good…..damn, I have NEVER seen that happen before”. Since the poor bastard didn’t bend any of my spokes or jam up any components with its feathers, I decided to gingerly scoop it up and toss it off the road (so that it can decompose into nature and that another cyclist peddling by doesn’t wreak on account of his dumb body in the middle of the road”.

Speaking of things I’ve never seen before, I saw an African American albino on the subway! Yeah, I noticed he was an albino, and after rudely starring at him for a good 5 minutes, I realized he was black! Talk about rarity. I had so many questions for him churning in my head. You know “do you notice any difference in treatment in society because you are an albino or because you are black…do your piers call you ‘whitey’ and what do you say?” Yeah, I am the most un PC person ever, but at least I’m honest.


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