Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wizzard of OZ jokes still not appropriate.

A tornado ripped through the Midwest yesterday, and although lives were lost, I am sad to hear my alma mater was severly damaged. Yeah, I was (am) one of those engineering nerds who spent most of her days in Cardwall, Ward, Fielder, Durland halls (aka all of those that were damaged). In fact, for three years, I lived directly across the street from the engineering complex because it was such a sweet apartment (and also allowed me to go from my bed to class in under 7 minutes). That apartment is across the street from the SAE frat which took what looks to be a direct hit and lost its roof entirely. FOX news has a good google map that lays out the tornado's route. Sure I grew up hearing tornado sirens in the middle of night, but you always think "oh yeah, it never affects me, just some guy in a trailer" and go back to bed. Sick sick sick.


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