Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Up up and away!

This may be old news, but two men climbed the New York Times building on the same day! The first one was the self proclaimed “spider man” or “human spider” whatever, basically a professional climber / French man. He pulls these kinds of stunts on super tall buildings all over the world for some cause or another. Secretly I think he picks the tall buildings to overcompensate for something. Well while a news crew was at the building getting stock footage for the 6pm news, ANOTHER man started climbing the building. I was watching the news and all of the sudden they cut to a breaking story. The camera guy was so excited to actually have a scoop that the camera was shaking. I jumped off my couch and stuck my head out the window and watched the 2nd guy climb the building while listening to the news report in the background. The building is over 50 stories tall which puts it over 500 feet. The news people were freaking out and kept asking for a time delay on the footage so that they could cut out if he suddenly fell to his death. They repeated over and over that he was not a professional climber (some guy from Brooklyn) and that it was impossible to rescue him so high up. The guy obviously was worn out because he kept stopping at each floor to catch his breath and you could see the ceramic rungs bending under his weight as he climbed. Call me a sadist, but it was exciting watching him tiptoe the line between fame and catastrophic death. Thankfully both men ascended the building fine. My favorite part is that the 2nd guy was protesting Malaria. Malaria….really. Okay, how do you suggest we fight Malaria? Kill off the mosquitoes….distribute repellent to all people….import bullfrogs. Nice move ass-hat but maybe next time before you decided to make a spectacle of yourself, you can pick a less ridiculous cause.


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