Thursday, May 29, 2008

Culture Shock

Last week was my “culture” week. I started off with catching the Broadway musical ‘Rent’ on Tuesday with Rob (who was back in town briefly before returning to Romania). Yes, I HAVE seen ‘Rent’ several times in the last two years, but it is my favorite and will stop running in June. Sadly, the cast was lackluster, and I kept thinking “wait this is my last live performance of ‘Rent’, and I’ll be left with this mediocre one, I should have stopped after catching Adam and Anthony’s performance”. Yeah, I’m a bitch, deal with it.

Two days later, Marathon Man and I went to ‘Macbeth’. Neither of us are big Shakespeare enthusiast, but Macbeth was being played by Patrick Stewart. Come-on, a chance to see Captain Jean-Luc Picard or Professor X in person….SOLD! The play was set in post WW2 Russia. Granted the Shakespearean dialog is bit hard to follow for my feeble mind, but overall it was good (and even humorous at times).

Now I am all cultured out and will resume drinking beer and watching C-class porn.


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