Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Breaking up but not breaking down.

Although this post may start as a downer, it does have some humor in the end. If you have been a faithful reader of the blog, then you would know that I had been dating Marshall for the last 6months (well total elapsed time is 6 months and 10 days). Sadly, we broke up on May 5th. It was roller coaster relationship with plenty of ups and downs. Interestingly enough, the end all fight occurred after watching the movie “the breakup”. My only advice is to never say something with the sole purpose to hurt someone else because that may be the last thing you ever say to them. Talk about regret. No, I don’t regret breaking up with him, I regret how mean and spiteful I was (evil evil girl).

Anyway, we had not spoken since the breakup even though I still have his electric guitar and leather jacket at my apartment. I left messages apologizing and letting him know that we needed to talk and resolve everything (you know get some closure and return each other’s stuff) since we last spoke/saw each other as I was storming out the door. Anyway he was either being immature or was not ready to see me yet and therefore did not return my phone calls. I was getting anxious because I really wanted to see his show on the 12th but I didn’t want it to be awkward. On the day of the show I decided just to go anyway because even though we are no longer together doesn’t mean I cannot still like his music. Look at it this way…..if he was an artist, who is to stop me from enjoying his paintings….if he was a writer, who is to tell me I cannot read his books anymore. Seriously I sound obsessed but he has awesome music and I am still a huge fan. That is the reason I fell for him in the first place. Darn my soft spot for singer/song writers.

Anyway I brought our mutual friend (well now just my friend) Bree. Our plan was to show up and hide in the back so that he would not know we were there. Immediately following the set, we would make a dash for the door. Very sneaky and covert of us huh. I frankly did not want to make things awkward because that could mess up his performance. If the performance sucked then I would not enjoy the music and hence negate the reason I went to the show in the first place. You see the catch-22 here right?

Well Bree had her own agenda as well (note this is the part of the post that starts to get funny). Evidently a girl we will call “Sa” left a my-space message for Bree’s boyfriend. The message was like “hey I am in town for the weekend, lets hook up”. I am sure it was all innocent but it certainly raised eyebrows. When asked who this Sa was, Bree’s boyfriend said “oh she is Marshall’s old girlfriend from Kansas”. Okay now you can foresee the drama that could develop at the show if Marshall shows up with his old girlfriend while another ex was in the crowd. I do not know this girl because Marshall never mentioned her but then again I didn’t care who he is there with because we are OVER (seriously, I have no desire to get back together).

The most unfortunate thing about the venue was the bathroom location. The bathrooms are literally right next to the stage, so every time you make a trip to the can you pass right in front of the band (ah ha ha, I made a rhyme). Bree and I had to make sure to relieve ourselves plenty of times before Marshall’s band went on so….well you get the picture. Anyway, Bree returned from the restroom all excited. She couldn’t contain herself and was all too eager to spill the beans. Evidently, she while washing her hands in the bathroom, she offhandly commented to the girl next to her “doesn’t it suck that the bathroom is right here next to the stage?” The girl dreamily said “yeah I know, Marshall warned me about it”. Bree did a double take at this girl. Turns out she was the infamous Sa! The great thing is that she didn’t realize who Bree was. Well Bree confessed to me “yeah I didn’t recognize her at first because she has put on a lot of weight since her my-space picture. Girl you are totally cuter than her!” Bree asked if I had saw her and I said no because I do not have the faintest idea of what she looks like. Bree said “well she totally is the chubby Midwestern looking girl…seriously I cannot describe her as anything else but Midwestern”. I scanned the crowd and picked her out immediately! Ah ha ha ha! It was a huge ego boost that I was cuter than her! He peaked when he got me and now it is all downhill! Okay that is downright nasty mean, but I am still smiling about that now.

Now since he is the lead singer, he gets a lot of groupies. Don’t get me wrong, I am in the “fan” category but I was still considered a girlfriend and not a groupie. Well this Midwestern gal would be in the groupie category. Why else would she fly to NYC for the weekend when he was playing a show and was newly single? She kept popping up during the show to take pictures of him singing and even video taped a whole song. Bree and I got tipsy and watching her bob and weave was our amusement. Okay okay okay, we are evil catty girls but it was soooo much fun! The band previewed two new songs. I previously heard one of them (self medicate) off of his my-space page (five stars…excellent showing of his vocal and song writing ability). The other was a surprise. The lyrics were all about being lonely then you came along blah blah blah. Bree leaned over and said “okay hun I am going to pretend that this song is not totally about you two”. Who knows if he wrote it in the last 6 months, but that would be soooo cool if I got a song (and a good one at that)! Hurrah score two points for Lindsay!

After the show, Bree and I were in the middle of downing our beers in order to make a quick getaway when Marshall bee-lined to our table. Eeeeck! I had hoped our table in the waaaaaay back would offer up good concealment but I guess he spotted us anyway. He was surprised to see us (well mostly me) and I think even more surprised since I was totally calm and mature even though we went through a very rough breakup just a week ago. When he asked if I was here to “talk” or “confront him” I just told him that I was strictly there for the music. Again stunned. We agreed to talk this week in order to exchange stuff and hopefully stay friends (goodness knows since all of our mutual friends took my side….he did something crappy to solidify the break but that is in the past now). Ahhhh, being a mature adult is soooo much better than high school drama. So ends that chapter in my life. Till next time…..mothers hide your sons!


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