Monday, March 12, 2007

What do you do nine months later?

Funny story of the weekend. I had a girlfriend stay over for the weekend (names withheld to protect her identity). She was taking a refresher course in the city on Saturday and Sunday. Now the course was required to maintain an aspect of her job. However, to receive credit, you only needed to physically be there (the entire time). Evidently people commonly show up and either play video games, watch movies, read the paper, or even nap during the lecture because you just needed to be there. Being the astute scholar that she was, she actually planned on taking notes and learning something since she did have to pay for the class. Well we had a very good (and late) night on Saturday. Unfortunately, she started getting the urge to puke while sitting in the Sunday class. She would excuse herself to the restroom and wait for the sensation to pass. Unfortunately, just when she would return to her seat, she would get another urge. Those of us who have been cursed by the phantom puking feeling know how miserable it is. She was worried that she would not get credit because she was spending so much time in the bathroom. Being the genius that she is, she approached the woman in charge of the seminar. She then told the lady “I’m sorry, but I am suffering from morning sickness, I really want to get credit, but could I have a private room so that I do not disturb the others”. Pure genius I swear! The poor woman couldn’t say no because it was such a beautiful thing (plus she even offered her crackers). Not only does she get credit, but now she gets a private room (so she can suffer alone). Sorry boys, look like you will have to find a different brilliant excuse to cover a hangover.


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