Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tulle funny

I picked up my baby sister, Tiffany, at the airport Tuesday night. She had never been to the big apple before, so I intended to so her as much as possible in three short days.

Wednesday was deemed the shopping day. Our other sister (the eldest) is getting married this Fall. Tiffany and I needed to find matching sundresses. That was the criteria (no other mention of color, cut, print, etc). So you can see we basically told to find something. We started the day with the famed 5th ave. Of course the majority of stores were out of our price range, but we were able to get a picture of Tiffany in front of the Tiffany store (yes we are that corny).

After a quick walk by central park, we went to the Empire State building observation deck. It was my first time at that landmark. Yes I know, how could I have lived in NYC for almost half a year and not go to the top of the Empire State building! Anyway, Tiffany was instructed by her husband to “take a lot” of pictures. She must have been a good girl and said her prayers because the day was sunny and mid 40’s (much warmer than the previous few weeks). Granted it was beautiful outside, but at 500+ feet in the air, it gets windy/chilly. After a while, our fingers were frozen and both of our hands were needed to steady her picture taking arm. I got a couple of good pictures including the one with the Crytsler building with a shadow of the Empire State building. Now Tiff lives in the vast metropolis of Lincoln, Nebraska where the tallest building is the state capital (fun fact, the Nebraska state capital building is the only skyscraper among all other US capitals). Fowl like seagulls and pigeons are new to her. Due to tourists feeding the damn pigeons, they become quite domesticated. All you have to do is hold out your hand, and they will literally waddle up to it in search of a treat. Here is a picture of the curious pigeon perched high up on the Empire state building (note, I am not zooming in, it was literally a few inches from me).

To continue with the shopping theme, we hit the stores in Herald square. Most importantly, we went searching for a pho-bridesmaid dress at Macy’s. Okay the dress department was huge, and of course all of the prom dresses were out on display. Seriously, the prom in New York must be waaaaaay different than the proms back in Nebraska. The dresses were giant tulle creations in bright yellow, orange, blue, green, or hot pink! The gowns were 5’ in diameter and 50lbs of tulle netting and sequins. To top it off, they were around $500 each! One of them looked like a mermaid (complete with fish scales and shell bra) and another could pass as big bird’s cousin at the next sesame street reunion. Here are pictures of Tiff and I playing in the fluorescent tulle forest (note this is a very very small fraction of the dresses they had there). Luckily we found two candidate dresses in the grown up section.

After a busy day of mindless shopping, we decided to educate ourselves with a trip to the museum…..that is the wax museum. A word of advice, if you want to avoid the crowds, just show up a couple of hours before closing time. Anyway, pictures in this case are better than words. Some of the likenesses were way off, but others were so real it was eerie. What am I saying, I haven’t seen these people in person anyway.

To round out her first day in the big city, we had giant slices of New York style pizza and roamed around Times Square in the evening.


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