Monday, February 12, 2007

Quick breather

Boring yourself the time and stop reading this now. Basically not much to report and no fun pictures to post. The news is that my project has gone on hold for at least a month. This means the project has come to a screeching hault. The office is composed of one quarter Chicago-ians, one quarter Brits, and one half NYC people. Now some of the NYC people are from NYC firms. The other NYC people are ones the Chicago and London based firms hired locally. My company relocated me from Chicago and hired two girls locally. Anyway, now that the project is stalled, there are three options: 1 - fire everybody (basically tell them to find work on their own for the next month or so), 2 - send the non-NYC company back to Chicago/London, 3 - find some NYC firm to take in all the people. Luckily, I got option number 3. The sucky thing is that I have to work in this awful engineering office. Seriously, engineering firms have the crappiest offices (you would think they would put more effort into designing their own space). I am stuck in some corner next to a humming mechanical unit with no window in sight. Oh and they don't have internet, so don't expect much correspondance from me in the next few weeks. The plus-side is my new project. I get pulled off a 3 billion dollar convention center to work on a 7 billion dollar complex designed by the famed Architect Frank Geary! It is a basketball arena for the NBA Nets bb-team (plus four towers of comercial and residential real estate). Hurrah! Resume builder - check!

Weekend recap. Friday was a good stay in night where Bree came over and tried out her cooking skills with my tupperware, pita bread, and american cheese (totally didn't eat it, but it may be able to survive a nuclear holocaust). Saturday, I met up with Chicago friends Scott and Kim. We hung out in the Meat-Packing district till they hit their bed-time (ooooold, just kidding - it takes a while to get used to the 4am lifestyle). Turns out an old sorority friend (alright get the sorority jokes out now) Shanda lives in the city. She was a blast in school, so I look forward to hanging out with her again. She is the one person in the City that could top my adventure stories. Okay enough boring recap for now.


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