Friday, March 09, 2007

Star Sighting

Okay the celebrity star sighting of the week is...
Molly Shannon! You may know her from Saturday Night Live or supporting roles in Serendipity and Never Been Kissed.

Monday, I was waiting for my running friends in the lobby of the Columbus Circle shopping mall (no we are not mall walkers….the mall is across the street from the park). Anyway, I was standing next to the information pedestal. A determined woman in a dress with jeans was walking up towards me. I was thinking about her outfit, because seriously, who wears a dress with jeans. She asked me if I knew where the Omni Hotel was. I guess someone dressed in running clothes stretching against the information pedestal must know where the hotel was. I just shrugged my shoulders, said I had never heard of it before and told her to check the info board. Only when she was examining the board did it dawn on me…wait this is Molly Shannon! I didn’t react and she was gone in another ten seconds. Now I have seen celebrities before (and basked in the glory that is Alan Rickman), but never spoken to one before. Mark that off on the NY experience checklist.


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