Thursday, February 15, 2007

Twas the night before Valentines day...

I apologize in advance if I am all lovely and gushing because this was my first Valentines Day with an actual Valentine. Hurrah! My gift to the boy was tickets to one of his favorite rock bands, Hinder. The show was Tuesday night starting around 7pm. He was going to meet me over at my apartment after work since I live less than two blocks from the concert hall. At 5 I rushed home to quickly change, grab a bite to eat, and guzzle some beer before heading out to the show. When I opened the door to my apartment, the place wall all lit up with candles. I peaked into the kitchen, and the boy was there elbow deep in pots and pans. He told me to change and dinner would be ready in ten minutes. Okay, hooooow sweet and romantic. He evidently came over to my place at 3pm loaded with bags of groceries. He told his plan to the doorman who let him into my apartment. Ahhhh! Because I hate doing dishes (silly dishwashing machine in Chicago totally spoiled me) he actually did my dishes before cooking up a master feast. I’m telling you, honey crusted chicken, yummy special mashed potatoes (my favorite of his cooking), and corn/bean/tomato salsa. Whew! The only sad thing was that the recipe was intended for four people, so we had tons of food! We only made dents into the massive servings and were too full to have dessert. FYI dessert was going to be something involving ice cream, caramel, nuts, whipped cream (well at least I think that was for dessert), and these sugar/cinnamon tortillas. Mmmmn, I am sooo lucky.

After stuffing ourselves with food, we headed over to the concert. While listening to the opening bands (each had one or two hit songs, but that was about it) a couple next to us said: you have to celebrate with us! I asked if they were celebrating V-day like us to which the girl shouted, “no we are celebrating his divorce”! They obviously did not want to drink alone, so they kept buying us shots and beers. Seriously, we were double-fisting all night! Live music and free drinks….must have been heaven! Anyway, we were thoroughly smashed when we left (well I didn’t remember leaving and he didn’t remember getting pizza on the way home even though we had three more days worth of left-overs at home). Ah ha ha ha! Oh and no pictures because they were not allowed at the concert. Fun haters!


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