Monday, January 22, 2007

Just like alpha-z's, we are spreading disease

Okay the non-greek out there will probably be a bit befuddled with the title. Actually, only sorority girls from KSU will get the joke. Every sorority house had a certain stereotype (well besides being rich bitches) and our house (nick named the nun house because 1. we held a weekly bible study and 2. we stayed in a convent back in the 1950’s when the house burnt down or was under renovation….whatever…was I really in a sorority…ahhh the mistakes of adolescence) made up a song dissing all of the other houses (yes we are all bitches, catty catty evil bitches). One line said “no we are not Alpha-Z’s as anyone can see, because we don’t poof our hair and we don’t spread disease”. Quite catchy and I wish I remembered more of the slanderous song. Anyway, I have gone on way too long about an offshoot. The theme is spreading disease, and what a better way to do it than with a BEER BONG. Not just any beer bong, but one made out of a skull and spine! I met Ali and his friend (Max?) out at Doc Holidays Saturday night. The bar was packed, granted it was 2am on a Saturday night, but still the bar is usually not wall-to-wall people crowded. Anyway, the two large packs were a bunch of suits (seriously who wears suits on a Saturday night, and did they realize they were at Doc’s?) and a bunch of preppy guys. Turns out the preppy guys all were Princeton alumni getting wild in the city. They knew about the novelty beer bong Doc’s had and proceeded to abuse the hell out of their livers. Now I could make jokes about the nozzle getting more throat/mouth action than a 12 year old Thai girl….wait, oops. Anyway, after many many many go rounds the preppy boys were thoroughly smashed (see exhibit 1 – guy in green shirt next to Ali). Now maybe it was the hour long session with the hooka, but Ali suddenly thought it would be a good idea to taste the rainbow. Actually, it was late and both of us wanted to get home to our respective better/worse halves, and it seemed like a reasonable way to finish off your beer. It is a pity that Ali had to hold his own beer bong because the preppy boys were too drunk and I needed both hands to take the pictures. Ah ha ha ha….how old are we?


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