Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For my biggest (only) fan

My Christmas visit back home might as well be dubbed ‘Return of the Baby’ because it was jammed packed full of rolling newborns. I don’t return for a whole year and everyone is sprouting babies. Granted the kiddies were all cute and entertaining in itself, and it made me wholly aware of how I felt about what I was wearing (my affection for a certain white sweater limited my time holding or being in projectile proximity of babies).

Here are some pictures of Tina’s little girl Leah who was about 3 months old at the time. I am tempted to say more…but I know she reads this and yummy cheesecake is on the line. Instead I will write the inner monolog for the baby.

"are you talking about meeeee"

"just trying to learn a party trick to impress college frat guys"

"I wonder if it is possible to simultaneously puke and shit"


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