Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Halloween part Deux

Because October 31st fell midweek, I was able to celebrate my favorite holiday twice! I redressed in the white fluffy, fair wing clad tooth fair costume and headed down to the village for the parade. Just to give you an idea about how insane Halloween is in the West Village (aka boystown), the first sight I saw after exiting the train was a drag queen wearing a black bra and thong with a fishnet dress cover….actually, I don’t even know if that was a costume.

Yeah, the parade was T and A all over the place. Dana, Evan, and I tried to sneak into the parade (after copious amounts of wine), but the cops quickly chased us out. I was pretty impressed with out group’s costumes.
Dana – a cute care bear
Evan – the guy from the Wendy’s commercial
Gabby – French maid (aka the only sexy one of us)
Kim – evil devil woman
Chris – that ref that got caught taking bribes, also had a blind man’s white cane, whatever
Mike – white trash (he actually grabbed stuff out of his garbage can and duct tapped it to him, the gallon of milk on his back got dangerous after he got drunk)
Rob – Derik Jeter from the Yankees (actually I think it was an excuse for him to wear tight pants…the gays looooved him and his tight pants)
Some Asian guy I don’t remember his name – anyway he was a giant panda, he said it was okay since he was Asian

We headed over to a Halloween bar party in SoHo. It had the coolest floating pumpkin ceiling. Yeah it was totally a scene from Harry Potter or something…okay, yeah I am dork, deal. Have I mentioned how much I love dressing up in costumes! Well the bar party had some really good ones. The best/most shocking was a guy dressed as Dracula with a blow up doll tied to his crotch. Yeah, it totally looked like it was giving him head. Anyway, also in attendance was a mildly straight guy dressed as Julius Caesar. I say mildly straight because he was a bit femme but was very into me. Yeah, I am a sucker for guys in swords (okay insert wah whan wah noise here). I even have a prior experience kissing a Caeser at a 2004 Halloween party.

Not wanting to limit myself (and my red hot game streak) I left the guy with his friends and headed off to another bar with the gang. We hit up the Village Tap Room, D-spot, and White Horse Tavern (for a bathroom break) before settling on a small chill place called Other Room. If you put it on the map, we walked close to a mile…and me in high strappy evil shoes! At one point I took them off and walked a block barefoot. Then reality kicked in and I slipped them back on for fear of contracting hep C or alcoholism. Once we reached Other Room, I plopped down on an odd couch (I swear all the trendy places have to have really abnormal furniture) and refused to move. The place was totally off the beaten path and Cameron Diaz bought Dana a drink the previous week. I eventually called it a night at 3am since my feet were killing me and it was a school night.


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