Monday, October 15, 2007

Not made in China

Okay this post is the equivalent of the potpourri category in Jeopardy. Yes, yes I am a super nerd and love Jeopardy. Alex is a fox.

Anyway, Thursday I had another date with Swim Boy. Bree says we are dating (since we have been going on dates for three months now), but since we have not had the “official” talk yet, I still consider myself single. Anyway we stopped for Chinese take out from this hole in a wall joint in Brooklyn (groan). We browsed the pirated DVD section in the back while we were waiting for our order. Yes you heard me right, pirated DVD….hundreds of them. Scanning the titles, Swim Boy would point out his selections: Die Hard 4, Half Nelson, 3:10 to Yuma, Ratatouille, and The Queen…huh, yep the movie with that old lady Helen M-something. Okay, I guess I am not the only one with a vagina here. I gasped when I came across my pick, Black Sheep. Yep the New Zealand indie flick about killer zombie sheep! I saw it at the Tribecca Film festival and I did not think it was released outside NYC. Hurrah! I did a quick celebration dance and bought it. Besides the lack of movie score and random DVD skips and jars, it was well worth the meager price.

In completely different news, I have accomplished my greatest sewing achievement ever! I’m no seamstress, so my sewing undertakings have not stretched beyond mending, tailoring, and the occasional Halloween costume (Las Vegas show girl, She-Ra, and my favorite….a pregnant bride wedding dress out of curtains none-the-less). Well my Chicago friend Ryan gave me a t-shirt printed with my vintage college mascot. Unfortunately, he bought it in his size (2-XL). Since the shirt was sooooo cute, I decided to cut it up and sew it back up to my size (M). Okay, I didn’t do it alone; Bree helped me figure out what acid the bobbin was on.

I’m an idiot and didn’t take a before picture of me in the XXL shirt, so I am substituting with a shirt I bought Ryan at the latest street fair.

Here is the after picture....not bad, next stop Project Runway auditions.


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