Monday, June 04, 2007

I'd pay a dollar to see that again

Nothing like Saturday morning construction to startle your slumber much too early in the morning. I figured I was up so why not go out and explore the city (yeah I do that a lot). That day just happened to be the 31st annual Hell’s Kitchen yard sale. Okay, okay, people living in Manhattan don’t have yards (or garages) but it is just a figure of speech. They blocked off 44th between 9th and 10th. Basically, it was less than two blocks from my apartment, so I had no excuse not to check it out (plus I loooove yard/garage sales). Well the vast majority of it was crap. Even the 50cent clothing one woman was shouting about was not fit to donate to the Salvation Army. Here are some gems I did walk away with.

My ‘proud of where I live’ and ‘just in case I forget my zip code’ tank top. Actually some gay guy and I were trying on the same ones and decided to go in together to get the special (one for $10 but two for $16).

I could not believe that I found this shirt. The front side is typical button down Hawaiian shirt with a big “N” over the breast pocket. The back is shown below. Those from Nebraska know this is vintage Husker wear. I asked the lady where she got it and she said “oh my old roommate left it, I think she was from Wisconsin”…..errrr wrong. Go Big Red! Okay for a $1, I had to get it in case I head out to any Husker games this upcoming football season.

They had CD’s out the wazzoo! Seriously, you could get any kind of CD for $1 or $2 each. Those who know me, know that I am huge music fan. You get that way I guess when you wear headphones at work 9 hours a day for the last five years. Plus our internet radio is spotty, so CD’s are the best bet. Anyway, my dozen or so album purchases ranged from nostalgic Boyz II Men and Salt N Pepa (I had the cassettes a long time ago in Junior high), current releases like Good Charlotte and Offspring (okay I highly recommend the GC album and my guilty pleasure is Offspring), and classical soundtracks/musical scores like The Perfect Storm, The Piano, and Dances with Wolves (okay don’t knock musical scores, they are awesome if you are into fantastic displays of musicianship and non vocal evoking of emotion).

Okay, I didn’t buy anything from this guy, but it totally reminded me of a past story. Back in Chicago, I moved more in four years than most people move in their entire life. Some times it would be my choice or some times the land lord would throw everyone out. Anyway, every time I would move I would have a yard sale to eliminate some excess unnecessary baggage (mostly clothes). Anyway, one time I set out a box full of my old bras, slips, garters, etc. Normally I would just throw that stuff out or donate it if it was in good condition. My mind set for that yard sale was to donate everything that didn’t sell. I figured why not put out the lingerie box since no one would buy it and I would have it all ready for the mass donation. Well this middle aged guy shows up and starts poking through all my stuff. I knew something was up when he asked me what men’s size would my shoes be. I’m a ladies ten so that comes out to an 8.5 in mens. The guy was ecstatic and grabbed all of my pumps and sling-backs. Anyway he continued to poke around until he found the bra box. He asked how much and I was a bit taken aback. He gave me a $20 bill and told me to fill the bag with the best. I asked him if he preferred any to which he said “oh you got a red one in there….yeah, throw in that red one”. Ewww…some man out there is wearing my bras and walking around in my heels. Well I told this story to my Chicago friends. Emily was also moving so she decided to have her own yard sale. The problem is that she lived in a downtown high-rise. She instead posted all of her stuff on Craig’s List (including some old bras thanks to my inspiring but creepy story). Well I guess some guy emailed her and said “I am a male living in Chicago and I will take your entire collection of bras off your hands”. Ah ha ha ha.

Sadly Saturday night was not nearly as exciting at the day time. After a quick drink with coworkers I sneaked back home to get a good nights sleep. One of the pitfalls of living near/in Times Square is the stupid publicity stunts people try to do. Months ago David Blane did this magic stunt or something and it proceeded to shine bright lights into my apartment all night. Well this Saturday it was Chris Angel’s turn. All night I had to put up with flashing lights, booming bass, and loud bullhorn speeches. All right turn into a rabbit already. Damn you Chris Angel! Turns out he would continue to torment me again on Monday morning. I don’t know if he was just finishing his stunt or redoing it for the media, but seriously, 6:30am on a Monday morning? It may have started earlier but that is when they decided to turn up the volume on the bull horn. Die die your sleep hating monster!
For the final note, I would like to share the “walk of shame” I witnessed this morning. On my way to work, I saw a guy in a polo shirt and gym shorts walking on the sidewalk. He had a pair of rolled up jeans and a toothbrush in his hands. Okay either there is something wrong with his jeans (I am not going to even speculate) or that is the gay man’s way of marking a shacker. He he he.


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