Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'd like to order a round with the waitress

After the wild time the previous day, Allison and I decided to take it easy and do tourist things. Viviane, Allison, and I visited the New York Public Library. Now this is not your ordinary library, it is grand halls and frescos. Yes I am a dork, but the library was quite beautiful. Here is a picture of Allison and I so she could finally make the blog. I tell you, that is starting to become a hot item. Maybe I should start taking bribes (you know, you want to be featured in the blog…well I could use $20). No actually you only need to do something really nice or really stupid to make it in.

Afterwards we headed up 5th avenue to look at the holiday window displays and look at the Rockefeller Center tree.

Later that night I found a babysitter for Allison (code for keeping her busy while I sneak off) in the form of a play. Her, Viviane, and Jody got cheap balcony seats that you supposedly needed to lean forward in order to see the stage. Anyway, I used the free time to welcome Marshall back to town. Okay boys, some of you really suck at planning dates. Ultimate Fighting championship…..come on here! Yep, watching two guys punch and kick each other to a bloody pulp was his idea of a romantic evening together (even though we had not seen each other for almost two weeks).

After an hour or two of knockouts and bloody faces (I'm talking about the fights and not a wild makeout session), I was more than happy to excuse myself to meet up with Viviane and Allison at a bar. Okay my tip for the day is do not go to O’Flatterys on 46th street! They have the worst service ever! As soon as I found them in the back, I walked off to the bar to get a drink (not knowing we had a waitress). Viviane was being indecisive because she is not a huge beer drinker and the small selection of brews did not look appealing to her. The waitress kept suggesting bud light and micalob ultra. Huh? What kind of waitress suggests domestic light beer where there are house brews to serve? Anyway, I guess the waitress thought we were a waste of her time because she started ignoring us. Viviane tried to get her attention because she was ready to order, and the girl flat out snubbed us. Finally Viviane just went to the bar to order only to have the bartender snap at her and say “you need to order from the waitress”. Shocked, Viviane told him that she was ignoring us and that is why she was at the bar. He called the waitress over and Viviane finally placed her order (as well as me). When the waitress came back with our beers, the price of my beer had risen $1. Huh? I politely (because Viviane was going to deck her) asked the waitress why my house honey brew was $5 at the bar and $6 with her? She hotly replied “well you will just have to ask the bartender, I don’t set the prices”. She then added “well $6 is not a lot for a beer in New York City, I mean if you go to Friday’s….”. I cut her off and said “first off, you would never go to Friday’s, and second I know a half dozen bars in a two block radius from here where you can get a brew (not domestic) under $6”. She was taken aback and half-heartily apologized for the “Friday’s” comment since she was so used to dealing with TOURISTS (said in really sarcastic hating tone). Viviane almost lost it and started talking in a heavy Florida accent, “hey lady I guess you don’t like tooooourisssssts”. I seriously thought we were going to be kicked out of the bar (hey the weekend already started with a bang, why not).


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