Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where my girl at

My great friend and traveling buddy Dana has moved to Chicago.  Her presence has kick started a rediscovery of the town and what it has to offer.  On Wednesday her, Rob, JewedLaw and I scored cheap tickets to a Muppet Improv show.  Yes it is exactly what you think...muppet puppets doing improv.  It was spearheaded by Jim Henson's son and a group of performers from LA.  At the first suggestion for an activity, an audience member yelled out sex.  It was billed at an R rated show, but the host thankfully brushed off that suggestion indicating we needed more imagination.  Taxidermy it was!
One blonde woman performer was hilarious!  Her hilarious lines would often end the scene (no way the other performers could top that).  During the Taxidermy Sex bit wrapped with:
Guy - "....I read it in the old testament"
Girl - "...yeah God hates me because of my anal bead collection"
Guy - "really, what does God have against anal beads"
Girl -  "well it is so many deadly lust, and greed because I have so many, and of course sloth since afterwards I can't walk for days"
[end scene]
A few days later her and I ran the Glo-Run 6K.  Yeah I would say she is a good influence on me...but you didn't see our NYC days together.  Anyway, the race was at night and all the people were given glo-stick necklaces, bracelets, glasses, etc.  Our race shirts were also neon fluorescent yellow.  Along the race course they set up DJ's, a strobe light tunnel, and a black light tunnel with bubbles!  With the pulsing music, vibrant t-shirts and glo-sticks, it felt more like a rave instead of a running event.  I did end up busting a couple of moves along the way (hey I can't help the impromptu dance party).


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