Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Gay Trivia

Tuesday night, I joined Jewed Law and some other friends for trivia night hosted at a local gay bar. In all honesty, the guys didn't come to the bar for trivia...they came to flirt with their gay boyfriend. Don't worry, I am dating a straight man...he just openly flirts with the bartender. This all started when him and Ky (a married male half of our couple friend) started going to this bar every Monday for football. This gay bar is the only sports bar in the neighborhood, so it was more of a default instead of a choice. Their weekly visits turned them into "regulars" with even saved seats at the bar like Norm and Cliff. I think deep down the boys liked the attention since we girls rarely fawn all over them.
Anyway, when Monday night football ended, the boys switched to Tuesday Trivia (again just any excuse to hang with their gay boyfriend). Our team yesterday included Jewed Law & myself, the husband and wife duo of Ky & Lu, and Jewed Law's work buddies. Call us dorks, but we had just the right combination of random people to cover a pretty good spread of useless knowledge. The first task was selecting a team name. We mulled over the usual suspects of "garage sale vibrators", "heat seeking penis", or "I'm a fucking professional" before settling on the always classy "I cum rainbows". To back up, cumming rainbows is homage to a conversation we had with the gay boyfriend about how slutty he was. He said he would likely blow a guy if he claimed to cum rainbows.
So to our surprise, we dominated the competition with correct guesses on the ph of water, the year Nintendo was invented, and the length in feet of the average small intestine. It did give me pleasure every time the announcer had to say "and on top...I cum rainbows". Being that the game was being held in a bar...a gay bar, drunken responses were yelled out more frequently as the night went on. My favorite response was "Sarah Jessica Parker" to the question "what do you call an adult female horse". Ah ha ha ha


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