Sunday, November 06, 2011

An open letter to my readers...

A quick and dirty recap since last time I wrote…a month ago. The opening theme for many of recent posts has been apologies for not posting often. Yeah I roll my eyes at professional bloggers that I follow when they take two days to post. TWO DAYS! Humph. The good news is that my life has been busy…good busy…meaning I have had less time to fucking write. Now that the weather has cooled off (for Chicagoans that means we lock ourselves inside wrapped up in down comforters and fuzzy socks…from November till March…Chicago weather sucks) I can pick up my indoor activities.
Man my October was busy. The first weekend was painting my condo. It was just two rooms, but I had talked about painting these two rooms for the better part of two years. I even picked out the colors a year ago. Yep, that is taking procrastination to a whole new level. The first room was one I painted when I first bought the place around 6 years ago. It is the living room and the largest space in my entire apartment. Well I painted it my favorite shade of blue (a really bright royal blue). After being surrounded by four large BLUE walls, I determined it was way too much fucking blue. Plus the connecting foyer is painted red and white, yet it wasn’t until a visit said “man you sure are patriotic” that I realized the fourth of July had vomited in my condo (many of my decorations are stars…like fireworks). The blue had to go. I painted two of the walls a pale grey/beige color (trust me it so works). I called around for professional painter quotes, but in the end I decided to pull the boyfriend card and force Jewed Law to paint it with me. Call me cheap (and racist), but I was able to give two Mexican guys $50 to paint the same room six years ago. Now the craig’s list painters won’t touch the place for less than $200. Damn inflation! Frankly it wasn’t all that hard as we were able to finish the two rooms in ten short hours (and one hilarious paint splattered trip to McDonalds).
The next weekend my Mom came in town for one of her two annual Chicago visits. She joined me for an awards banquet for my 40 under 40 award. They even gave me a small plaque. Yeah I am one of the top 40 consulting engineers under the age of 40. You could call it an honor but being a good young(ish) engineer among consulting engineers is like winning bronze at the Paralympics (at the end of the day you still only have one leg). Still my Mom was proud…win!The next Wednesday I hosted book club. I was introduced to this book club about a year ago. I shared a hotel room with three other girls in the group (also the intro scene to a porno) when in KC for another book club member’s wedding (also the scene for the Return of the Big Dick story). We meet once a month to discuss a book and drink tons of wine. No really, we do talk about the book (it isn’t one of those type of book clubs). Many of the girls are in the literary and publishing world, so we select some off the beaten path books. Some turn out awesome…and some are painful (damn you Anna Karenina). Anyway, the book club meeting marks the FIRST party I have ever hosted in my condo. Six years and this is my first party. I’m not unsocial; I just had a very college dorm room, bare wall, moving boxes yet to be unpacked place, which was very embarrassing. In fact the timeline for my paint job was actually a deadline in order to host. Had it not been for the party, I would still have Benjamin Moore swatches taped to the walls.
Two days later, I flew down to Austin Texas for my girl Dana’s 30th birthday. Now that is a post in itself. In summary, Austin was heaven…if you feel 80 deg sunny weather and hearty tex-mex is the true definition of heaven. I should add it was 50 degrees and rainy the three consecutive days prior to my Texas visit, so it may have skewed my expectations.
Rounding out the month was Halloween, my favorite holiday (followed closely by the day after Halloween when candy is ½ priced). Again a separate post but I did manage to whip together my awesome Dolly Patton (a mashup between Dolly Parton and General Patton) costume from scratch.
Okay, in all October was a Hella busy sorry for not posting you blog Nazis! I do vow to do a better job now that there is nothing left at the apartment to distract me…besides the two baby blankets I need to crochet or repairing the sink stopper I may have yanked out with a banshee wad of hair.
Miss you much,


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