Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Location location location

So I just found out that my street is nicknamed “Blood Alley”. Apparently it has been known as that for years. Too bad my realtor didn’t mention that when she sold me the place. The most recent crime (on Halloween), three were critically shot a block down from me. Trick-or-treaters were spotted hiding behind cars and bushes to avoid targeting from the drive-by. The same afternoon, a man was shot and killed three blocks East (near our fancy new Target). Speaking of Target, let me just say thank you. Thank you for providing me a place within walking distance that is clean, and new, and not tagged with gang signs, and full of stuff I don’t need but want. The only comparable thing prior to the Target was my General Dollar Store. Granted, you can’t beat grabbing up dollar shower curtain liners, bleach, and the finest selection of flannel mu-mus.

UPDATE: I have just been informed my neighborhood is home to FIVE different gangs. Okay, actually more, but there are three within a two block radius of my condo. My corner is specifically the territory of the Black P Stones. The others are the Conservative Vice Lords, the Imperial Insane Vice Lords (also known as Uptown Lawds), the Latin Kings, and the Gangsta Disciples. Notice how they "upgrade" their status to Lord, King and Imperial. I know the living standard in my areas is far from royalty, so I guess they need a vocabulary lesson (and a serious spellcheck).

Here is the official gang map for Chicago. Equally interesting and scary.


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