Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not stupid, just disabled

I am reading a book for a book club I newly joined. Granted it is more of a cocktail party than a book club, but it has introduced me to some very interesting and random reads that I never would have discovered on my own. This book opens up with a woman who explains her learning disabilities. She has a severe one-side brain function meaning she can maintain a magnificent vocabulary but has no sense of direction and gets lost easily (and frequently). Other symptoms of her disability are that she cannot tell time or discern left from right. Boy does this sound like someone I know…ME! Okay I do have a fabulous sense of direction and don’t excel at the creative arts like she does, so we are not entirely alike. However, the pains she describes about being embarrassed about not being able to reply to a simple “what time is it” query are spot on. Seriously, I wear a digital Velcro watch for a reason (well that and because I can wash it because watches are smelly). I remember being utterly confused growing up when someone would say “turn left” or “it is on your right”. To this day I still ball up my hands and look down to see which one makes the “L” in order to figure out Left. Thank God I now have an excuse for being less developed than a kindergartener.


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