Saturday, October 02, 2010

Catching up

Okay, recaps from July…JULY! I know! I couldn’t overlook a concert from one of my top three favorite bands…Against Me! When I say this, people often ask what the other two are, and I can easily say The Offspring and whatever other band I fancy at the time. Sometimes it is Counting Crows, sometimes Green Day, sometimes Our Lady Peace.
The concert was at the Aragon which is one of the old school old glamour theaters in my neighborhood. Actually, my neighborhood had three of these theaters (the Riv and the Uptown) which shows what a swinging place my hood used to be. Al Capone’s old speakeasy even is right around the corner. Too bad the neighborhood is total shit now.
The Aragon looks like medieval times on the inside…little village houses with a blue starry sky. The bands playing were Silversun Pickups and Against Me! so the audience was a mix of indie and punk. I found a Nirvana super fan with a Jesus = Cobain tattoo (now that is anice blend of commitment and blasphemy).

Warning strobes will be used “extensively”.

Below are links to VIDEOS of Against Me. Not their best show mostly because the enclosed space isn’t the best way to enjoy their loud music.

Thrash Unreal Video

New Wave Video

Stop Video

Here are pictures of Silversun Pickups. They jammed with a little psyadelic feel. Much better than when I saw them a lollapalooza last year.

The show was also the first date for "Jewed Law" and me. Admittedly, I need to come up with a better nickname (I was going for a Jude Law reference). We stopped at a nearby bar after the concert and played supersized jenga. Granted, I am surprised how well we did considering we were both drunk and partially deaf. More about him in a later post.


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